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New Network Marketing Success Formula for the 21st Century in theInspiration Economy”

The Secret + The Law of Attraction + Network Marketing = MASSIVE SUCCESS

“At Last….Discover REJECTION FREE Network Marketing and
Never Hear the Word NO Again!”

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Finally an easy turnkey system Anyone Can Duplicate which helps the average person Cash in BIG in Network Marketing by simplyRunning an Automated Recruiting Machine…..Instead of YOU Having to Become a Recruiting Machine”….

Imagine being able to apply both The Secret and  The Law of Attraction” along with Network Marketing while Cashing in as a Welcomed Guest instead being avoided as an Annoying Pest.

Also the best part….Imagine being able to finally achieve Network Marketing success without:

*Having to Attend Hotel Meetings
*No More Chasing Family and Friends to Join
*No More Having to do Home Meetings or Presentations
*No Selling…Arm Twisting…. And No Rejection

It’s all about becoming the hunted instead of the hunter while utilizing WEB 2.0 and all the modern tools of technology….Taking Network Marketing from the Stone Age….. To the New Age.

Face it everyone if given the opportunity everyone wants Abundance, Increase and Prosperity. This is a fact now days more than ever before especially with the rising gas prices and the increasing daily cost of living.

The Book entitled “The Secret” was one of the best selling self-help books in history since it was released to the world in March 2006. This gives evidence that there seems to be a global phenomenon of more  and more people seeking to learn how to master The Law of Attraction and make it work for them.

There is also another trend that is sweeping across America and that is the growing Home Base Business Industry. There are scores of people raking in huge six and even seven figure incomes from home more than ever before.

Some people have been able to achieve the luxury of significant residual income in The Network Marketing Industry.The reality is that the majority of people would love to be able to earn significant residual income like select people are earning in the Network Marketing Industry.

However it is also a fact that although most want to make the same money, most people don’t like having to do presentations, trying to convince people to come to hotel meetings get on conference calls or recruit their family and friends.

Essentially this is a reality that simply has to be addressed and cannot be ignored. In fact solving this problem for people opens up a HUGE OPPORTUNITY.

We have finally Cracked the Code on how to eliminate everything in Network Marketing that most people don’t want to deal with.

All the “Old Schoolmanual labor methods of recruiting in Network Marketing are now being replaced by the modern tools of technology.

Prospects are provided with lots of quality content and FREE useful information upfront in an easy, entertaining, archived webinar format.

Prospects are able to educate themselves about the business from the comfort of home or office without anyone looking over their shoulders or pitching them at a hotel meeting. The webinar is available for viewing 24-7 anywhere in the world and all a person needs is high speed internet access.

The system delivers the presentation in a cutting edge, informative and interactive way which even includes Video, Multi-Media and 3-D Animation. It is truly the first of its kind within the entire Network Marketing Industry.

We have developed our very own proprietary technology which tracks all your referrals to the system. In essence this takes away the need to do personal presentations or drive across town to hotel meetings. Simplicity + Massive Actions = MASSIVE INCOME.

Once you join YOU will be assigned your very own Referral ID Number. All you do is simply refer people to enter the Prosperity Matrix under your Referral ID Number and view the Webinar Presentation.

The tracking system would also send you an automatic email notification each time a prospect logs into the webinar and previews the content and/or Joins under your Referral ID Number…Simple! Easy! Simple!

Bottom line is that with this unique cutting edge system you never have to hear the word NO again, because it actually filters out anyone not interested. It also does all the Selling, Telling, Sorting and Sifting….Simplicity! Automation! Duplication!

No more need to do presentations because the system does all the presenting for you behind your back 24-7 even while YOU sleep. All activity is tracked with your Referral ID Number…..Simple! Easy! Simple!

All you do is point people to the informative rich multi-media video presentation and they would use your Referral ID number as their password to view the content.

With the automatic email notification, the only people you actually deal with are those people who either joined your downline under your Referral ID Number, or those highly interested people with remaining questions. PERIOD!

People not interested are either filtered out by the system or you simply never hear from them therefore you don’t waste valuable time. Simple! Fun! Easy! Painless!

Again No Rejection… No Chasing….No Convincing…No Arm Twisting…

Once YOU enter The Prosperity Matrix you will also be exposed to the complete combination of High Tech and High Touch Marketing with full support from your sponsor within 48 hours after you join. You will also discover the unique one of a kind Network Marketing company itself as well as the lucrative compensation plan.

After you enter all your info above you will have access to our Cutting Edge 4 Part Multi-Media Webinar Video Presentation.

Remember We Don’t Just Promote a Typical Network Marketing Opportunity….We Design a Lifestyle…. The Prosperous Way of Thinking and The Prosperous Way of Life…..Hence The Prosperity Matrix.

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